Thursday, November 22, 2007

Judy Moody - Book Test Review

Hi Everyone,

I have a great
new book for
you to check out.
"Judy Moody

The author is
Megan McDonald.

This is a great book to learn about American History.
Check it out at the Library today or buy it at
It is fun to read with only 144 pages.
Excited to say that my Online Book Test has
70 Total Multiple Choice Questions.
Find Below a Few of the Questions.

Book Test Review:
(1) What city is Judy in at the beginning of the book?

(2) What is Judy Moodys only brother's name?

(3) Who wrote the Declaration of Independence?

(4) What is Victoria's nickname? (also, the girl from England)

Answers: 1)Boston, 2)Stink, 3)Thomas Jefferson, 4)Tori

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Happy Thanksgiving,

Elizabeth G.
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Monday, November 12, 2007

Running Out of Time - Book Test Review

Hi Everyone,

Today, added
a New Book Test!
This is a great
book for 3rd-6th
grade & others too.

This book "Running Out of Time" was
written by Margaret Peterson Haddix.
The paperback copy has 184 pages.
Try to read about 25-40 pages a day.
In a week or plus a few days you will
have it finished. Join & take my Book Test
Online at
Excited to say that the Book Test has 70 questions.

Buy the book today at Amazon or check it out
at the Library!

Book Test Review:
Please check out 4 of the 70 questions on the test.
1) What is Jessie's last name?
2) How many kids did Jessie's parents have?
3) What is the name of the town where the book takes place?
4) Who is Jessie's best friend?

Answers: 1)Keyser 2)6 Kids 3)Clifton 4)Mary
Great way to practice & increase your Reading Comprehension.

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