Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Sounder - Book Test Review -

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Sounder by
William H. Armstrong
Great book for
anyone in the
3rd-6th grade.

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5+ Stars - Amazing!
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Hi Everyone,

We are back to tell you about this great book and test we adding today to the Book Test Online website. The book is titled "Sounder" by author William A. Armstrong. This book is a true classic that you will not want to miss reading. If you are in the 3rd-6th grade in school, you are going to love this books. Ask you teacher if you can read "Sounder" for extra credit. Maybe you would like to read this book for fun at home. Once you start reading a few pages you are hooked and cannot believe what happens. This will make you appreciate your own life so much more too!

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or check it out at the Library. The bookstore and the Library are
both fun places to visit all the time. After reading "Sounder" take the Online Book Test at BookTestOnline today with 25 questions.

Find below 4 out of 25 Book Test Multiple Choice Questions.

Book Test Review - BookTestOnline
(1) What did the boy enjoy his mother doing for him the most?

(2) What breed of dog was Sounder?

(3) Where did Sounder sleep with the burlap sacks?

(1) telling stories (2)coon (3)under the porch

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