Tuesday, April 29, 2008

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Monday, April 28, 2008

Coming Soon to 50 States - BookTestOnline.com

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Coming soon to all 50 States:
BookTestOnline - Practice Book Tests
(for 3rd-12th grades)

Available now for:
1) Home Use - Visit Website
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4) School Computer Labs

Members are now located in California, New York, Ohio, Texas,
North Carolina, Virginia, Florida, Alabama, Georgia, New Mexico,
Mississippi, South Carolina, Missouri, Arizona, Louisiana,
and Hawaii.

Nancy Drew - The Mystery of the Ivory Charm - Book Test Review - BookTestOnline

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Rating - * * * * *
5 Stars - Mystery!

New Book Tests to
check out! Thanks
from the Member
that requested
this great Book.
Nancy Drew is
really fun &
fast to read.
This is Book #13 & written by author Carolyn Keene.
Buy is at http://Amazon.com or
check it out soon at the Library. (179 total pages)

Book Test Review:
Find below 4 of the 70 Questions on the Website.

(1) What did Nancy Drew's father do for his job

(2) What age was Nancy Drew in this book?

(3) What animal was running wild though the
Wild Animal Show fairgrounds?

(4) What Country did Rishi live before moving to Amberia?

(1)Lawyer (2)Age 18 (3)Elephant (4)India

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The website is a great way to practice & build confidence.

Friday, April 18, 2008

The Angry Sailor - John Newton - Book Test Review - BookTestOnline

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Rating - Great!
5 Stars - * * * * *

Now a
Book Test.
This is a
great book
for anyone
in the 3rd-6th grade
and everyone else too.
The author is Kay Marshall Strom. Buy the book today at http://Amazon.com or check it out
at your community Library. This great book is only
125 pages total. If you read about 35-50 pages each
day you will have it finished in about 2-4 days easy.
Find below 4 out of the 68 multiple choice questions
found on the Test at BookTestOnline.com.

Book Test Review:
1) What age is John Newton at the beginning
of the book? (also, year 1736)

2) What City & Country did John & his family
call their home?

3) How many brothers & sisters did John Newton
have in his family?

4) What is the Catletts oldest daughters name?

Answers: 1) 11-Age 2)London, England 3)Zero
4) Mary

After reading this great book check out
and the Online Book Test with 68 Questions.
Great way to practice memory skills, importance to details,
and much more.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Austere Academy - Series of Unfortunate Events - Book Test Review - BookTestOnline

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Rating - * * * * *
5 Stars to
Lemony Snicket!
Get the Reading

Back by Popular
Demand for a
New Book Test.
Check out
Book #5
from this
Famous Author
Lemony Snicket. This is a great Book for the 3rd-6th grade
& everyone else too. If you do not have a copy by one from
http://Amazon.com or on the Website.
Maybe visit your Community Library this week and check out a copy.
After reading the book go to the Website & take the (65)Question
Book Test. What a great way to practice everything. Find below
4 of the 65 Book Test Questions:

Book Test Review:

(1) Who is the evil man that continues to follow the
Baudelaire orphans?

(2) What is the name of the orphans Preparatory School?

(3) Where were the orphans during their families fire?

(4) What instument did Vice President Nero practice a lot?

(1)Count Olaf (2)Prufrock (3)Beach (4)Violin

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Monday, April 7, 2008

Strike Zone - Andy Pettitte - Book Tests Review - BookTestOnline

New Book Tests
Added Soon!
(7th-12th Grade)
Special Request
from a Member!

Great Book about
Andy Pettite
and New York
Yankees Baseball.

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