Thursday, June 12, 2008

Tony Hawk - Professional Skateboarder - Book - Book Test Review

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Book Rating: * * * * * * * *
5+ Stars - Cool!

This is a great
book for everyone
in the 3rd-12th
grade. After
reading this
book you will
know a lot of
cool things about
Tony Hawk, his family,
and skateboarding.
Tony's dad was very
supportive & helped
skateboarding in so many ways. Wow! You will not believe
all the great things Tony & his dad both accomplished. Find
a copy of the book soon to read & see the many fun photos.
Find below 4 of the 51 questions on the BookTestOnline test.

Book Test Review:
(1) Who gave Tony Hawk his first skateboard?

(2) What was the name of the first skatepark
Tony became a member?

(3) What was Tonys cat's name?

(4) How old was Tony in his first skateboard contest?

(1)Brother - Steve (2)Oasis (3)Zorro (4)Age 11

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community library.

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Sunday, June 1, 2008

The Catcher in the Rye - Book - Test Review - BookTestOnline

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Rating: * * * * *
5 Stars - Wow!!
1 Crazy Story!

Summer Reading
7th-12th grade
Required Reading
School List

Book Author: J.D. Salinger's
Publisher: Little Brown & Company
The paperback copy has 214 pages total. Try to read
about 40-75 pages each day and you will have it finished
3-5 days. Find below a sample of a few of the 116 questions
located on the BookTestOnline website.

Book Test Review:
1) Who was the narrator telling the story?

2) What was Holdens brother's name?

3) How did Mr. Spencer categorize Holden's parents?

4) What type of hat did Holden buy for $ 1.00?

(1)Holden Caulfield (2)D.B. (3)Grand (4)Hunting - Red

This book really makes you think. You should read
it just for fun. I think it is more a what not
to do as a teenager. It is hard to believe all the
crazy things that happen to Holden Caulfield. His boarding
school life is not happy. You will be shocked about all
the strange things that happen in this story . Check it
out at the Library today or buy it at

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