Thursday, May 31, 2007

Free Web Directories - Now Approved

Hi Everyone,

I am excited now that school is out for the summer.
A great time to take a few trips too. Also, I plan to have more
time to add things to the website. I have been working on
this website for over 1 year.

On 5/30/2007, was informed that I have been approved for
2-Web directories. It is actually the #10 challenge in
Ron McDaniel's marketing book "Buzzoodle Buzz Marketing."
Or visit his website
You will be shocked how many free directories that you
can enter yourself. However, it does take a little bit a time
(2 weeks - 2 months) before you get an approval email back. and
sent me an email yesterday that I had been approved.
How great is that! Now just waiting for the other 18 that I
submitted to. They take a while to enter, so I try to do about
2 directories submissions a day.

A great free directory list is ................
I found 1,200 free directory listings a couple of weeks ago.

Talk to you soon,

Elizabeth Grace