Friday, October 26, 2007

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Hi Everyone,

Visit Costco this month & check out the store but also
the Costco Connection Magazine for October 2007.
My family loves to shop at Costco. Also, it is a great
place to find Teacher's gifts for Christmas.
I have given my teacher's gifts from Costco for the
last 5 years. (Books, Chocolate, Music, and more)

Costco Connectin Magazine
Two great articles in October 2007:

1) "Telling Tales - The Art of Corporate Storytelling"
Written by Steve Fisher
This has given me a few great ideas. Thanks Steve.
I am trying to read things to help my Website Business.
Located in the magazine on page 22.

2) "Stopping the Dropout Epidemic - How we can
keep kids in schools and build a better future"

Written by Tim Talevich
This is the Article featured on the Cover. It is located
on page 18 in the magazine.

*Also, check out page 66 - A Special Holiday Gift Section

Talk to you soon,

Elizabeth G.
Book Test Online