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Lemony Snicket!
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Lemony Snicket. This is a great Book for the 3rd-6th grade
& everyone else too. If you do not have a copy by one from or on the Website.
Maybe visit your Community Library this week and check out a copy.
After reading the book go to the Website & take the (65)Question
Book Test. What a great way to practice everything. Find below
4 of the 65 Book Test Questions:

Book Test Review:

(1) Who is the evil man that continues to follow the
Baudelaire orphans?

(2) What is the name of the orphans Preparatory School?

(3) Where were the orphans during their families fire?

(4) What instument did Vice President Nero practice a lot?

(1)Count Olaf (2)Prufrock (3)Beach (4)Violin

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