Thursday, June 12, 2008

Tony Hawk - Professional Skateboarder - Book - Book Test Review

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Book Rating: * * * * * * * *
5+ Stars - Cool!

This is a great
book for everyone
in the 3rd-12th
grade. After
reading this
book you will
know a lot of
cool things about
Tony Hawk, his family,
and skateboarding.
Tony's dad was very
supportive & helped
skateboarding in so many ways. Wow! You will not believe
all the great things Tony & his dad both accomplished. Find
a copy of the book soon to read & see the many fun photos.
Find below 4 of the 51 questions on the BookTestOnline test.

Book Test Review:
(1) Who gave Tony Hawk his first skateboard?

(2) What was the name of the first skatepark
Tony became a member?

(3) What was Tonys cat's name?

(4) How old was Tony in his first skateboard contest?

(1)Brother - Steve (2)Oasis (3)Zorro (4)Age 11

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