Friday, December 5, 2008

Hatchet - Book Test Review - BookTestOnline

Great for 3rd-6th grade plus any age!
Adventure plus how to survive in the wilderness.
Wow! - Ask your teacher and your parents about this book.

Did you read
this book
before you
Read both
of these
books they
are unbelievable!

Gary Paulson teaches you so much about
living in the wilderness and how to survive.
We cannot say enough about these two books.
If you need a copy buy it at
or check it out at the library.

Book Test Review:
1)Select Brian's last name. (Also, age 13)

2)Who was Brian Robeson flying to visit in Canada for the summer?

3)How many passengers were on the Cessna 406 plane with Brian?

(1)Robeson (2)Father (3)Only the Pilot

Visit the website after reading this book
to take the book test at
multiple choice test. Great way to practice reading comprehension,
memory skills, build test taking confidence, and much more.