Friday, January 2, 2009

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Great book titled
"Bozo the Clone"
for the 3rd-6th
grade students
with only 57 total
pages. Need a Copy?
Author: Dan Greenburg
Rating: * * * * *
5 Stars - Super Book Series
Great Moral Lessons
This book series should be on every teacher's
reading list. We will add more titles soon.
Starting the new 2009, year off with a book
request from a member. Buy the book at
or check it out at your local library soon.

Book Test Review:
1) Zack wore this to school as a disguise.

2) What did Zack's father call bullies?

3) Zack attended a boy's school in New York City
and was in this grade.

(1) Nose-glasses (2)Cowards (3)5th grade