Thursday, November 4, 2010

1984 - Book Test Review

Book Rating - * * * * *
Readers: 7th -12th grades
Author: George Orwell
Great Classic - 1949
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You do not
want to miss
this great
classic book
written by
George Orwell.
If you are
in the 7th-12th
grade, ask your teacher if you can read this book
for extra credit. The paperbackcopy has a total
of 308 pages. Try reading 50-75 pages each day
and you will have it finished in 1 week. After
reading the book visit the website to take
the book test.

Need a copy to read, then buy one at
or check it out at your local library.

Book Test Review:
(1) What country was George Orwell born in 1903?

(2) Who was the main character that George Orwell created in this book.

(3) What is the city of London, England called in this book?

(1)India (2) Winston Smith (3) Airstrip One

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