Monday, March 21, 2011

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Book and Test Review
Book Rating: 5 Stars
3rd-4th Grade Level
Author: Margaret Peterson Haddix


This is the first book in this shadow children series by Margaret Peterson Haddix. The main character is a boy named Luke Garner. He is the third child in his family and illegal by the Population Police. Luke lives in his parents attic secluded from the world until he meets his next door neighbor named Jen. She is a shadow child herself and gains Luke’s trust extremely fast. Jen breaks the rules by connecting with other shadow children over the internet. Luke’s life becomes filled with adventure and danger after he becomes involved with Jen and the outside world.

Book Review

What an enjoyable book to recommend for any age. This is fantastic and a fast read for students in the third through the sixth grade. Anyone who enjoys adventure will love reading this book. I recommend asking your teacher if this series can be used for extra credit. Start reading 35 pages or more each day and the book should be finished remarkably quickly.

Book Test Review

1. Where did Luke's parents tell him that he was not allowed to go?
2. How old is Luke at the beginning of the book?
3. Where was Luke's room located in the house?
4. Where did Luke's mother work during the day?
Answers: 1) outside 2) 12 years old 3) attic 4) factory


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