Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Create Car Magnets - For Your Website Business

Hi Everyone,

Recently, I created this car
magnet before going on
vacation. Sorry, that is why
I have not posted lately.
However, my vacation was
great and traveled to several

The best place for the magnet on my car is right above
the back window. However, I moved it down on the window
only to get a better photo.

What great response I received from people who noticed
my magnet while driving on the trip. Some people would wave
and others would blow the horn. Also, I have seen an increase
in activity to my website http://BookTestOnline.com

To make your magnet this is what you need:
1) Go to Michael's Craft Store or a store similiar
2) Buy the Magnet that is about 14" Long (in a box- rolls out)
Fold it in half, cut, and tape the two pieces together
on the back.
3) Buy Metallic Poster Paper. Cut and apply to the sticky other
side of the magnet. (Something water resistent)
4) Buy the Large Vinyl Block Letters
Put all of this together and you will have a great looking
car magnet for your website business.

Also, I recommend to remove the magenet from the weather when you
are not driving. To keep it looking new from extreme heat and rain.

Talk to you soon,