Thursday, August 2, 2007

FLip Video - Added To Book Test Online

Hi Everyone,

Recently bought the Flip Video
to start making short
videos for UStream. I am
going haveBook Reviews and
talk about my Tests on
Book Test Online
Check back I will add one
of my videos soon!

Special thank you to Jennifer in Dallas. Not only is
she my aunt but also beautiful, fun, and a talented
graphic designer. Aunt Jennifer works for a TV
station in Dallas and sold me 100% on the Flip Video.
Thanks for your help!

Flip Video Features..........
1) Very small about the size of an ipod
2) Uses 2-AA Batteries only
3) Software for computer built in
4) No cords - plugs into computer with a flip
5) Internet Video Ready
6) Sound Included
7) Zoom Feature
8) Includes plug to watch on TV
9) No tape or disk to take out
10) Cost $149.99/or Amazon $139.99

Places to Purchase..............
2) Best Buy
3) Costco

Talk to you soon,

Elizabeth G.
Book Test Online