Friday, December 28, 2007

Lord of the Flies - Book Test Review

Hi Everyone,

This is a
great book!
If you did
not read it
in 2007, put
it on your
new list
for 2008.
Also, on
my schools
reading list
for the 7th-12th grade. The author is
the famous William Golding. This book is
208 total pages. If you read about 35-50
pages each day you will have it finished
in about 4-7 days easy. Maybe even less
time because it is a great book.

Buy it today at
or check it out at the Library. After reading the Book
go to
and take my Online (102) Multiple Choice Question Test.
You can take the Sample Test of this book for Free with
10 Multiple Choice Questions. Find below a few of the Questions.

Book Test Review:
1) What is the area named where the plane crashes into the
jungle? (also, plane carrying school boys)

2) What object was used to call the other boys for a meeting?

3) Who was the leader of the choir boys?

4) Who became the chief after the boys first vote?

(1)Scar (2)Conch shell (3)Jack (4)Ralph

Don't forget to check out my Online Book Test
with (102) Multiple Choice Questions!

Talk to you soon,

Elizabeth G.
Book Test Online