Friday, December 7, 2007

Russell Simmons - Do You! - Book Test Review

Hi Everyone,

Check out
my new
Book Test
added to
This book
is great for
Every Teen in the (7th-12th) Grade.
It is a fast read with only 309 total pages.
Once you start reading it you are hooked!
(no kidding) It is like he is talking to you.
I have read a few Motivation books & this one
Tops all of them.

I learned a lot of Cool stuff by reading his book!
Buy it today at
or check it out at the Library.
Excited to tell you that the Book Test has
(77) Multiple Choice Questions. Find below a few
of my questions.

Book Test Review:

(1) What famous person wrote the FOREWARD
page at the beginning of the book?

(2) Good Things come with What?

(3) How many visions should you focus on at

(4) What record label company did Russell
Simmons create?

Answers: 1)Donald Trump 2)Hard Work 3)Only-1
4)DEF Jam Records

After you read the Book check out the test
at my website.

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Elizabeth G.
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