Monday, January 3, 2011

Man on the Balcony - Book Test Review - BookTestOnline

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Book Rating - * * * * *
(7th – 12th grade)
Fantastic Book!

Life in New Orleans
Before Katrina!
This is a fast read. Once
you start you cannot put it down.

This book is amazing
about respect, dedication,
kindness, life, death,
maturity, perseverance,
love and relationships.
Plus so much more!
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or check it out at the Library.
The author is Marie Bush Pinschmidt
She has written other books too. Ask
your teacher to buy a copy for the library.

Man on the Balcony was about Maggie Swanson
and her lifelong dreams of becoming an artist.
She meets a dedicated doctor on her vacation
In Florida. You will not believe what happens
to Maggie as she pursues her dreams. What a
great book to take a look inside the world of
art and medicine. Now to test your memory about
this book.

Book Test Review:
(1) Where did Maggie Swanson drive to vacation at the
beginning of the book?

(2) What is Maggie’s age at the beginning of the book?

(3) Who was Maggie’s best friend in Pleasantville?

(1) Florida (2) 28 (3) Emily

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