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Author: Lemony Snicket
Wow! Amazing.......
Get started reading the
"Series of Unfortunate
Events" now in 2011.

This book is so much fun to
read. We know you will
not be able to put it down.
"The Wide Window" is the third
book in this series written
by the famous Lemony Snicket.
If you are in the 3rd-6th grade
in school buy it at
or check it out at the Library.

Take the Book Test after
reading this super book.
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The Baudelaire orphans cannot seem to find good luck when they
need it the most. In the beginning of the book, the three siblings
leave Uncle Monty's house and travel to Aunt Josephine's house.
You will not believe what happens to them while living with
Aunt Josephine. This book is fun to read over and over.
Set your goal to read 35-50 pages each day and you will have
the book finished in only a few days.

Find below 4 out of the 62 Multiple Choice Questions.

Book Test Review:
1) How do the Baudelaire orphans arrive at Aunt
Josephine's house?

2) What is Aunt Josephine's last name?

3) What did Aunt Josephine consider very important
in life?

4) What color is Aunt Josephine's front door? (also, paint
peeling off)

(1)Taxi (2)AnWhistle (3)Grammar (4)White

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