Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Big Field - Book Test Review - Baseball - BookTestOnline

Super Book for 3rd-6th Grade Students
and For All Ages Too!
***** - 5+ Star Rating
Author: Mike Lupica
If you love baseball you
will not want to miss
reading this great book!

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to take Practice
Book Test After
Reading this
Great Book!


Book Rating - * * * * *
5+ Stars

You will not want to miss this book!
Ask your teacher about reading this super
book or maybe read it now yourself. This is
a fast read. Once you start you cannot put
this book down. Promise! Try to read
35-50 pages a day and you will have the book
finished in one week.

This book is amazing and a
very popular book about
baseball, family love
and much more.
Buy a copy at
or check it out at the Library.
The author is the awesome Mike Lupica.
Also read another great book called "Heat"
and a #1 New York Times bestseller.

This book is about a fourteen year old
boy named Keith Hutchinson. He is a very
dedicated baseball player and loves his field
position as shortstop. He finds himself as the
team captain but losing the shortstop position
to a talented kid named Darryl Williams. This book
is an incredible story about life and baseball.
You will not want to miss reading "The Big Field"
to find out what happens. Why wait go and buy a
copy of this book today. Once you start reading
this book you will not want to put it down.
Book Test Review:
1) What was Keith Hutchinson's nickname?

2) Which sport did Hutch love to play the most?

3) What did Hutch and his father do at the end of the book?

(1)Hutch (2)baseball (3)hugged each other