Tuesday, February 15, 2011

New Breakthrough Turns ADD Prone, Texting Crazed, Video Game Fanatic Kids Into Smart, Enthusiastic Readers! - Book Test Online

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Introducing Book Test Online!

Recent studies have revealed that "Every kid in America
could now have some form of ADD/ADHD."

Because of the latest modern day advancements in
technologies ranging from new cell phone gadgetry to
"technofabulous" video game developments, kids are
being pulled in every direction for their attention.

Is it any wonder that our kids are plagued by different
forms of ADD/ADHD?

Our kids are bombarded every minute of every day with
advertisements and messages begging for their attention.

With all of the distractions out there in the form of
glitzy video and flashy graphics, it's not surprising
that our kids may be suffering in their ability to
focus on their reading abilities.

Reading is the basic foundation of learning.

Unfortunately, reading is under attack! Our kids are
literally be swallowed up by all of the fancy
advertising they're exposed to every day!

Reading often time takes a back seat and often gets
completely ignored by kids and their parents.

Needless to say, kids are falling behind in all areas
of study because our kid's reading levels are declining
every day!

Well, we've taken a stand and are taking up for reading!

We've developed what we believe to be a way to combat
these attacks on our kid's ability to read.


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Introducing Book Test Online!