Wednesday, January 2, 2008

John Newton: The Angry Sailor - Book Test Review

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Hi Everyone,

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This is a
great book
for anyone
in the 3rd-6th grade.
The author is Kay Marshall Strom. Buy the book today at
or check it out at the Library. The book is only
125 pages total. If you read about 35-50 pages each
day you will have it finished in about 2-4 days easy.
Find below 4 out of my 68 multiple choice questions
found on the Test at

Book Test Review:
1) What age is John Newton at the beginning
of the book? (also, year 1736)

2) What City & Country did John & his family
call their home?

3) How many brothers & sisters did John Newton
have in his family?

4) What is the Catletts oldest daughters name?

Answers: 1) 11-Age 2)London, England 3)Zero
4) Mary

After reading this great book check out
and take my Online Book Test with 68 Questions.

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Elizabeth G.
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