Saturday, January 26, 2008

The Reptile Room - Series of Unfortunate Events - Book Test Online Review

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Requested only a few days ago! My hardback copy
of the book is 191 pages. I have all of these
books in this series. This book is great for
anyone in the 3rd-6th grade in school.
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or check it out at the Library. If you read
about 35-50 pages each day you will have it
finished in only 4 to 7 days easy. Find below
4 of my 68 Multiple Choice Book Test Questions:

Book Test Review:

(1) What type of factory did the Baudelaire children
smell on Lousy Lane?

(2) What destroyed the Baudelaire children's family
home & their parents?

(3) What did the Baudelaire's parents leave their

(4) What kind of tatoo did Count Olaf have on
his ankle?

(1)Horseradish (2)Fire (3)Fortune (4)Eye

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