Friday, January 11, 2008

Judy Moody Gets Famous - Book Test Review

My Rating: Great!
5 Stars - * * * * *

Hi Everyone,

I am back
to tell you
about another
great book
for anyone
in the
3rd-6th grade
and everyone
else too. Don't miss this book. You are hooked
only after a few pages. Judy Moody is hilarious.

The author
is Megan McDonald
and the illustrator is Peter H. Reynolds.
My favorite picture is on page 67. It shows
Judy Moody's famous cat named Mouse that
can make toast in the toaster. Make me think
how I wish my dog would learn to do something
incredible. Any ideas, Send me a comment.
Buy the book today at
or check it out at the Library. Afterwards
check out my book test with 56 total multiple
choice questions at

Now find below 4 out of my 56 Test Questions:
Book Test Review:

(1) What grade is Judy Moody in school?

(2) What did Jessica Finch wear on her
head during class?

(3) The number of U.S. Presidents born in the
state of Virginia is _______?

(4) Who is Judy's friend that she likes the best?

(1)3rd Grade(2)Crown-Tiara(3)Presidents=8(4)Rocky

The book is only 127 pages with pictures. So if
you start reading 35-50 pages each day you will
have it finished in about 3 to 5 days easy.
Afterwards, keep reading 35+ pages each day &
pick another book. Maybe even another Judy Moody!

Talk to you soon,

Elizabeth G.
Book Test Online