Sunday, January 20, 2008

Meet Samantha American Girl - Book Test Review

Hi Everyone,

This weekend
added a New
Book Test
for the
Grade in
Check it
out soon!
The book
is written
by Susan D. Adler for the American Girl Series. The book has
only 54 Pages and a lot of Great Pictures. You can read it
easy in only 1 day. If you like American Girl you will really
love this book. I plan to add other test soon from this collection.

Buy it today at
or check it out at the Library. Find below (4) questions
of the (54) total Multiple Choice Questions on my
Online Book Test at

Book Test Review:

(1) What is Samantha doing at the beginning of the book?

(2) What is Samantha's last name?

(3) What kind of bug collection did Eddie Ryland have?

(4) What does Samantha call her Grandmother? (also, lives with her)

(1)Tree Climbing (2)Parkington (3)Beetle (4)Grandmary

Talk to you soon,

Elizabeth G.
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