Friday, January 4, 2008

Judy Moody Predicts the Future - Book Test Review

My Book Rating *****
Great - 5 Stars!

Hi Everyone,

Excited to
tell you
about all
the Book
Test added
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over the
Check out
this Judy Moody book sometime soon. The author
is Megan McDonald. Also, the illustrations were
created by Peter H. Reynolds. Just flip through
the book to see all the great pictures. This is
a book for everyone in the 3rd-6th grade and
other people too. Buy it at
today or check it out at the Library.

Book Test Review: * * * * *
1) How many bowls filled with cereal did
Judy Moody eat at the beginning of the book?

2) What prize did Judy find in the cereal box?

3) Who saved the mood ring from the trash can?

4) What book does Stink like to read?

(1) 7 Bowls (2)Mood Ring (3)Stink (4)Encyclopedia

After reading the book take my Online Book
Test with 57 Total Multiple Choice Questions
The book has a total of 143 pages to read.
Try to read about 35-50 pages each day. You
will have it finished in 2-4 days easy.

Talk to you soon,

Elizabeth G.
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