Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Among the Brave - Book Test Review (3rd-6th grade)

Hi Everyone,

If you have
not read
the Shadow
check it
out today at the
Library or buy it at
This is the 5th book in this series written by
Margaret Peterson Haddix. You do not want to
miss reading all of her books.

After working on this test this
past weekend, this book test will
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Great way to improve your Memory Skills,
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Book Test Review:
(1) What is Mr. Talbots first name?

(2) Who was the kid that rang Mr. Talbots door bell?

(3) Who does Trey see on Mr. Talbots porch?

(4) How does Trey get inside Mr. Talbots house?

Answers: (1)George (2)Trey (3)Uniformed men
(4) Through the Garage

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