Thursday, September 13, 2007

Learn - Importance to Details (3rd-12th grade)

Hi Everyone,

BookTestOnline is a great way to help
3rd-12th grade students with learning
that Details Are Very Important. All
they need to do is Read a Book featured
on the Book Search 3rd-6th or 7th-12th.
Visit today and see all the Book Covers.
Then after reading the book they can
take the Online Book Test.

All the test are very detailed and excited
to say that:
3rd-6th Grade Book Test has over 50 Questions
and 7th-12th Grade has over 75 Questions.
What a great way to help your student become
an above average person. They will Learn that
details are very important!

When you are finished it will give you a
Percentage Score and Time Spent Taking the Test.
You can take the test as many times that you like.

Also, all the books on the website are available to
purchase at

Book Test Online