Sunday, September 16, 2007

A Tree Grows in Brooklyn - Book Test Review

Hi Everyone,

This is a
great book
written by
Betty Smith.
If you are
in the
7th -12th
grade this is a book you will want to
read.(and anyone else out of High School)
It is on the reading list at my school.
You should read it even if your teacher
does not ask you to. Check it out at the
library today or buy it at Amazon online.

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Then take my Book Test after you read this book.
Excited to say that my Online Test has 103 Muliple
Choice Questions. Once you become a member, you
can take the test over many times until you know
all the answers. Betty Smith's book has 489 total
pages. If you read about 35-50 pages each day,
you should have it finished in about 7 to 10 days
easy. Find below a sample of a few of my questions.

Book Test Review:
1) In what City does the story begin? (Summer of 1912)

2) What is the girl's name that is the main character of the book?

3) What is Francie Nolans brother's name?

4) What did Francie's father do for his job occupation?

Answers: (1)Brooklyn, NY (2)Francie (3)Neeley
(4)Singing Waiter

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