Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Animal Farm - Book Test Review

Hi Everyone,

Today, I am
talking about
a great
book by
George Orwell.
This book is
a fast read
with only
138 total

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This is a great way to practice your Memory Skills,
and Reading Comprehension. My online test has
95 total Multiple Choice Questions. You should not
miss reading this book if you are in the 7th-12th
grade or even out of High School. This book is a classic.
Please find below a few questions from my Book Test.

Book Test Review
(1) Who is the owner of Manor Farm?

(2) What are the names of the three dogs on Manor Farm?

(3) Which animal was considered to be a good speaker,
writer and inventor?

(4) Who was the pig that had the reputation of being
very persuasive and a brillant talker?

Answers: 1) Mr. Jones 2) Bluebell, Jessie & Pincher
3) Snowball 4) Napoleon

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Elizabeth G.
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