Thursday, September 6, 2007

Catcher in the Rye - Book Test Review

Hi Everyone,

If you are in
the 7th-12th grade,
this is a great
book to read. Maybe
one that your teacher
recommends too. It is
on the reading list
at my school.

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Excited to say that my Test has (116) Multiple Choice
Questions Online. J.D. Salinger's paperback copy
has 214 pages total. Try to read about 40-75 pages
a day and you will have it finished in a couple of
days. Find below a sample of a few of my questions.

Book Test Review:
1) Who is telling the story?
Answer: Holden Caulfield

2) What is Holdens brother's name?
Answer: D.B.

3) How did Mr. Spencer categorize Holden's parents?
Answer: Grand

4) What type of hat did Holden buy for 1 Buck/Dollar?
Answer: Hunting Hat - Red

This book really makes you think. The author is
J.D. Salinger. You should read it just for fun.
I think it is more a what not to do as a teen.
It is hard to believe all the crazy things that
happen to Holden Caulfield. His boarding school life
is not happy. You will be shocked about all the strange
things that happen in this story . Check it out at the
Library today or buy it at

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