Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Tuck Everlasting - Book Test Review

Hi Everyone,

You do not
want to miss
this magical
book written
by Natalie
This is a
fast read
with only
139 pages.

This book is great for anyone in the 3rd-6th grade and
everyone else too. After reading the book take my
Book Test with 58 Multiple Choice Questions.
You can find the website at
Great way to Sharpen your Memory Skills,
Learn the Importance to Details, and
Increase your Reading Comprehension.
Please find a few sample questions below.

Book Test Review
(1) What is the name of the Village in this book?

(2) Who owns the woods?

(3) What is the name of the Foster's only child?

(4) What is Jesse Tucks older Brother's name?

Answers: (1) Treegap (2) Fosters (3) Winnie (4) Miles

Go to the Library
and check out this book today or buy it at

Talk to you soon,

Elizabeth G.
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