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If you are
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else, you will
Not want to miss
this great book written by author Gary Paulson.
So, if you did not read this book in 2007, then
add it to your new list in 2008.

Wow! You can learn a lot of great things about
surviving in the wilderness. Once you start
reading this book you will not be able to stop.
Find out what happens to Brian Robeson. I was
excited when he found the emergency packet in
the crashed airplane. Can you believe he survived
45 days before he found everything in the packet?
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or check it out at the Library.
Find below 4 out of my 51 Online Book Test Questions:

Book Test Review:
1) How did Brian Robeson find himself alone
in the woods?

2) What food did Brian eat in the survival pack
that reminded him of candy?

3) How was Brian able to catch fish to cook for

4) What time of year did Brian remember that it
rains the most?

1)Airplane Crash 2)Prunes 3)Fishing Line 4)Fall

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