Monday, March 17, 2008

Grades Online - Learn How to Help (3rd-12th grade Students) - BookTestOnline

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*Reading is the Key to Everything in School & More!

What a great way to help a
(3rd-12th grade)student make
better grades. How?
Reading is the key to Everything
in School & Life. What are you
waiting on? Join BookTestOnline
Today and Change Someone's
Reading Life! This Upbeat
Website can Reach 3rd-12th
Grade Teens in Many Ways:

1) Learn How to Study
2) Build Confidence in Yourself
3) Sharpen Your Memory Skills
4) Learn to Visualize Information
5) Practice Using Book Tests
6) Learn Importance to Details
7) Develop Better Reading Habits
8) Learn to Comprehend with Long Term Recall
9) Motivate - Exposure to Self-Help Books
10) Art - Exposure to Book Covers
11) Practice for Yourself & Maybe before a School Test

Join Today and Change
a Student's Reading Life! You can buy
the books at or check
out hundreds at the Library.

Talk to you soon,
Elizabeth G.

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