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This is a very interesting book. You can learn about growing up
many years ago in the South. Teachers really love this book.
The famous author is Harper Lee.

Buy this book today at
or check it out at the Library. The paperback copy
has 284 pages. It is a great book to read in the
7th-12th grade in school. Take my Book Test today
with (102) Online Multiple Choice Questions.
Find below a few of the Questions on the Test.

Book Test Review:
(1) Who is the person telling the story?

(2) What is Jean Louise Finch's nickname?

(3) What is Scouts brother's name?

(4) Whose left arm is shorter than the other arm?

Answers: 1)Jean Louise Finch 2)Scout 3)Jem Finch
4)Jem Finch

Elizabeth G.
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