Saturday, March 8, 2008

The Miserable Mill - Series of Unfortunate Events - Book Test Review - BookTestOnline

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Hi Everyone,

I am back to
tell you about
Book #4 in the
"Series of Unfortunate Events" by Lemony Snicket. This great
book is called "The Miserable Mill". Start reading this series.
If you are in the 3rd-6th grade in school, you are going to love
reading these books. Once you start reading a few pages you are
hooked and cannot believe what happens. (I have read all of them!)
Buy the book today at
or check it out at the Library. The bookstore and the Library are
both fun places to visit anytime. After reading Series Book #4
"The Miserable Mill" take the Online Book Test at BookTestOnline
Find below 4 of the Book Test Multiple Choice Questions:

Book Test Review:

(1) What are the Baudelaire orphans traveling on at the beginning
of the book?

(2) Who was traveling on the train with Violet, Klaus & Sunny

(3) What did Mr. Poe do for his job occupation?

(4) What tatoo did Count Olaf have on his left ankle?

(1)Train (2)Mr. Poe (3)Banker (4)Eye

Talk to you soon,

Elizabeth G.