Tuesday, March 4, 2008

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Hi Everyone,

This is a book
you will want to
read if you are
in the 3rd-6th
grade in school
or if you like
Check it out soon! Buy it today at http://Amazon.com
or check it out at the Library. The author of this book is
Jerry Spinelli. If you read about 35-50 pages each day you can
have this book with 162 pages finished in about 3-5 days easy.
After Reading the book take the Book Test at BookTestOnline
with 57 Total Multiple Choice Questions. Find below a few
of the Question:

Book Test Review:

1) What is John Patrick Coogan's nickname?

2) What is Crash Coogan's favorite sport?

3) Where was Mike Deluca & his family from?

4) Whose parents came to almost every football game?

(1)Crash (2)Football (3)Pittsburgh (4)Penn Webb's parents

I hope this helps with your School
test or maybe you are just
practicing to help yourself with
memory, confidence & comprehension skills.

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