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5 Stars - Historical!
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The author is Carolyn Reeder. This paperback has 152 pages.
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Book Test Review:

(1) What state does this book take place?

(2) Where did Will's family live during the Civil War?

(3) What book did Will keep with his family records?

(4) Will kept talking about the Civil War being
about what?

(1)Virginia (2)Winchester (3)Family Bible (4)States Rights

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About the Book:
This Book is about a boy named Will that is
12 years old. After the Civil War, he is the
only person left alive in his family. The Book
takes place in Virginia. You feel like you are
going back in time and living on a country farm
with Uncle Jed, Aunt Ella, and cousin Meg.
I cannot imagine doing all the hard work that
Will did to help the family survive. This
is a fast read & very interesting.

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