Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The Importance of Being Earnest - Book Test Review - BookTestOnline

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5+ Stars - Great Play!

Great for
everyone &
7th-12th grade
Students in
School too.
Excited to
tell you
about one of my most Favorite Plays now added to the Website.
The Author is Oscar Wilde. This book includes 4 Plays Total.
Buy is today at http://Amazon.com or check
it out soon at the Library. It is a fast read with only 104 pages.
If you read 35-50 each day you can finish the play in only 2-3 days.
Maybe in only 1 day because you will not believe what happens. After
reading the book that the Book Test at BookTestOnline.com with
(76)Multiple Online Choice Questions. Find below 4 of the Questions:

Book Test Review:

(1) In what city does the Play begin?

(2) What is Earnest Worthing's real name?

(3) How is Gwendolen related to Algernon Moncrieff?

(4) Who is Cecily Cardew's governess?

(1)London (2)Jack (3)First Cousin (4)Miss Prism

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