Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Motivational Book For Teens - Added to Book Test Online

Hi Everyone,

Today, I am adding a motivational book
called "The 7 Habits of Highly Effective
Teens" by Sean Covey to my website.

This is a great book for any teen like me.
Also, for the parents who want to encourage
someone to become more excited about their
future and life. It is not a book that you
would read in a couple of days. I spent two
summer's ago reading this book. Each day,
I would read only about 10 pages. It helped
me to get in the habit of reading something
everyday. Let me know if this tip helps.

Please check out my website

You can find this book test on the Book Search
category 3rd-6th grade of my website.
Trying to type about 25-50 questions.
Example of one of my questions. What makes
proactive people different? Then I have 4
multiple choice questions. Even if you do not
read the entire book, maybe taking my test will
give you a few good ideas about what to do.

I am going to add more Book Test to my site over the
next couple of weeks that have motivated me to read
more and develop better habits. Trying to encourage
younger students that reading can change their life.

Talk to you soon,

Elizabeth Grace
Book Test Online