Monday, August 13, 2007

Historical Diary -Book Test Online

Hi Everyone,

After reading and working
very hard over the last two
months. I am starting to add
more book test. Today, I am
adding a test from a historical
diary of a girl during WWII
to my website. Excited to say
that my test has 102 questions.

This is a great book for students in
the 7th-12th grade. You can find the
test on Book Test Online when you
select Book Search at the top 7th-12th.
Also, this is a great book for adults
too. Must read if you happened to
miss it. Check it out at the Library
or buy it from my website with

Also visit the Anne Frank House in
Amsterdam, Holland at

This book is about a Jewish girl
named Anne who lives in Amersterdam, Holland
with her family during World War II. Holland
is taken over by the Nazis in 1942. Anne
writes in her diary about living in secret
to hide from the Gestapo with her family and
a few other people. She is faced with hunger,
solitude, boredom, small quarters, fear,
and death.

What a great book to read about WWII. Also, a
teenagers view too. Please recommend this
to everyone.

Please visit and become a
member. Take the "Anne Frank" Book Test.
I hope that my 102 questions helps you
increase your Reading Comprehension.

*If you have read this book or thinking about
it please leave me a comment.

Talk to you soon,

Elizabeth Grace
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