Sunday, August 5, 2007

Eight Random Facts About Myself (Elizabeth Grace)


I found this picture of
Central Park in
New York City at
this photo website.
It is called the Stock Exchange if you
are interested.

Phil Gerbyshak at
tagged people who read his blog this weekend to
write this article about yourself.

(1) I will be a first time voter in the 2008
Presidential Election.

(2) Places I want to go to college. New York, Chicago,
Philadelphia, or Colorado. (11th grade this year)

(3) I love the Library Hotel in New York City. Great
Location. Some months in the year, you can get 50% off.
Breakfast is included everyday and also a afternoon snack.
Coffee and Cappuccino are available all day for free.

(4) Sushi is one of my favorite foods. I order the Super
Crunch and Tuna Rolls a lot at my favorite
Thai Restaurant.

(5) I read about 75+ books a year. Also like listening to
audio tapes. You can check a few out at the Library.
Also, reading All The King's Men right now.

(6) Recently, was called back by Sean Hannity's assistant.
I left a message and then they called back. Sorry to say,
I was not at home.

(7) I am donating a subscription to my website to a few libraries. Want to help
students in need that want to be smart. Hopefully, I
can post something about it on my blog after next
Friday. Recently on TV discussing my website with
a librarian.

(8) Things you may know. I like Tennis, Theatre,
Ice Skating, Snowboarding, Snow Skiing, Cards,
Chess, and several TV shows too.

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Talk to you soon,

Elizabeth G.
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