Friday, August 24, 2007

Easy Way to Learn States & Capitals - Book Test

Hi Everyone,

Today, I
added a
Map and
Book Test
to my Website.

Please check out my website at

You can find this Geography Book Test on the
Book Search category 3rd-6th grade of my
website. Examples of a few of my questions:
1) What is the Capital of Colorado?
2) Choose the State that the Capital is Austin?
3) What State is divided by the Chesapeake Bay?
Hopefully taking my test will help you improve
your memory after reading the Book.
Also, I do recommend knowning where the States go
on the map. Sometimes the teacher will give
you a blank map of the United States and
want you to fill in the States & Capital Cities.

Also, the book is available and

How many times in school did you have a test
on the States & Capitals of the United States?
This year in the 11th grade, I am taking
American History one more time. (required in the
11th grade) Decided this would be a great way
for me to refresh my memory too. Right now my
test has 64 questions. I plan to add a few more
questions before the day is over. My school
starts next week.

Talk to you soon,

Elizabeth Grace
Book Test Online