Sunday, August 26, 2007

Keep On Going - Al Sharpton Quote - Book Test Online

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Quote of Today!

"I've seen enough
things to know
that if you just
keep on going,
if you turn the
corner, the sun
will be shining."
Al Sharpton..........

I want to feature authors and leaders in America that
make a difference in other peoples lives. We should
applaud all people who are willing to take action in
what they believe is right. I recently listened to his
radio show and talked to him too. Wow! He was so nice
to me. We talked about my website and how I want to
help Underprivileged Teens by giving Free Access to
libraries across America. Try to listen to his Radio
show this week. Find the link below.

Alfred Charles Sharpton, Jr
October 3, 1954 - Born in Brooklyn, N.Y.
1st Sermon - preached at the age of 4 yrs. old
He is a Baptist Minister
Civil Rights Leader, and a
Social Justice Activist
1991 - Founded the National Action Network to
.......increase voter education, poverty services
.......and support small community businessess.
And Much More.

If you would like to
Reverend Al Sharpton quotes visit

Buy his new book at

Listen to his Talk Radio Show
Monday - Friday - live on the internet or radio
1:00-4:00 p.m./Eastern Time

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