Sunday, August 19, 2007

Historical Fiction - Book Test Online

Hi Everyone,

Today I added
a new Book Test
to my website.
Excited to say
that there are
69 total questions.

This is a great historical fiction book
for students in the
3rd-6th grade.
I received an email this week
from a member of Book Test Online
asking if I could add it to the Website.
Go to the website then search 3rd-6th
Book search to find a the cover
of the Book and access to the Book Test.

This Book is about a boy named Will that is
12 years old. After the Civil War, he is the
only person left alive in his family. The Book
takes place in Virginia. You feel like you are
going back in time and living on a country farm
with Uncle Jed, Aunt Ella, and cousin Meg.
I cannot imagine doing all the hard work that
Will did to help the family survive. I loved
reading this book. You should read it even
if your teacher did not ask you to.

Check it out at the Library or buy it at

This book is paperback and 152 pages. If you
read 50-70 pages today, then you can finish it
the next day. Send me your comments when you
are finished.

Talk to you soon,

Elizabeth Grace
Book Test Online