Friday, August 10, 2007

Ron McDaniel - About Book Test Online

Amazing how some
people help others
without even blinking.

I have learned that the busy people in life are the best ones to ask for advice
and unique help. They are the most incredible and
amazing people that you could ever meet. What do you think? Please leave me a comment. Thanks.

In May 2007,
After buying Ron McDaniel's book at Amazon
------"Buzz Marketing"------

I sent him an email to say what a great book it was.
You should buy a copy if you have not already. I cannot
tell you how much it has helped my Website and
Blog traffic for Book Test Online.

Afterwards, he wrote a nice article about me and my
Website on his blog at
Thank you again to Ron McDaniel.
by Ron McDaniel @ 3:46 pm.
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Mark my words, some day the United States
will get education right and
then there will be a big backlash.
Instead of blaming illegal
immigrants and cheap foreign labor for
our problems, we will blame our own kids.
How can I honestly compete with a kid that
has all of their expenses covered and even gets
an allowance? The web has opened up
entrepreneurship and kids are catching on.

OK, Elizabeth Grace is not a Kid. Sixteen is a
young adult. But still, how many people that
young have the drive to build it and the stamina
to promote it? Here is the email she sent me.

(Reprinted with permission)
My name is Elizabeth Grace. I am 16 years old
and recently started a website business called…
Recently, I bought your Buzzoodle Marketing
book from Amazon. I love your book, it is great!

I have just started a few days ago really
working the challenges. Thank you so much!
I know this is what I need to get my business started.
Book Test Online is an Educational Website
for students in the (3rd - 12th) grades. This is a
way for me to help other students with their
English Book Test. English is my best subject
& I love to read.

I am adding new book tests each week.
I plan to have 50 to 75 book tests by
August 2007. After working for over 1 year,
I am ready to get the marketing started.
If you can Start The Buzz…………..for me!
Anything you do would be greatly appreciated!

Lets see….
Website with clear conversion - Check
Buzz Marketing Strategy - Check
No fear to contact people she does not
know - Check
Long term goals - Check
Discipline - Check
Quick response with PR when someone
asks for it - Check

Maybe the only fair thing to do is kick kids
out at the age of 8 and make them fend for
themselves, otherwise we all may be working
for them soon.

Talk to you soon,

Elizabeth G.
Book Test Online